We hope you consider joining the Apiary of Inspectors of America (AIA) hive!

Our members are the bees knees’ and AIA is always excited to welcome new bees to our hive! Membership perks include an opportunity to register and attend virtual and in-person meetings including our annual meeting, newsletter subscription, list serv membership, networking opportunities and the ability to conversate and collaborate with other like minded (awesome!) honey bee health focused regulatory officials like yourself! 🙂

Membership runs from January 1st through December 31st each calendar year regardless of when you join. 

Select the appropriate membership type and submit an application along with payment to join today!

I. Membership Types:

  • Full Membership = $100.00 USD – designated for the Chief or lead Apiary Inspection official currently employed and managing a regulatory Apiary Inspection Program within a state, territory or province government agency.
  • Associate Membership = $35.00 USD – designated for any other Apiary Inspector or regulatory staff currently employed previously employed and affiliated with a regulatory Apiary Inspection program within a state, territory or province government agency.

II. Membership Application and Payment Forms:

Pay Online

Should you encounter issues in the payment submission process, please contact the AIA Treasurer treasurer@apiaryinspectors.org to arrange payment .

Pay by Check

If you prefer to pay for your membership via check, please fill out the paper form and mail it in with your payment to the address on the form:

Pay by Check – AIA Membership Application