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Northern Giant Hornet

Photo By: Hanna Royals, USDA APHIS PPQ ITP,

In the fall of 2019 specimens of the Northern Giant Hornet (formerly Asian Giant Hornet – AGH), Vespa mandarinia, were found in Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Washington state.  This hornet can have a detrimental impact on honey bee colonies, as well as other insect species.  Since it’s detection, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has implemented sampling and tracking strategies in an effort to eradicate this insect.  For more information about the situation in Washington, please refer to the WSDA website:

According to WSDA, No new hornets have been detected since 2022!

The Apiary Inspectors of America maintains constant communication among the state and provincial apiary inspection programs, as well as with the USDA, to stay up-to-date on the status of this pest.  Below are a few resources that have been developed by individual programs in an effort to educate the public about this insect.  If you suspect that you have seen the Asian Giant Hornet, please reach out to your state/provincial apiary inspection program immediately (

Northern Giant Hornet Informational Resources

Pest Alerts

Podcast Episodes/Webinars

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