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Honey Bee Diagnostic Labs

Many states have programs for some diagnostics and some may have funding or grants to cover some testing.  Please reach out to your Apiary Inspector if you have any concerns about honey bee health. 

NAMECONTACT*MAILING ADDRESSWEBSITEBacteriaMitesFungi and MicrosporidiaAfricanized Honey Bee VirusesPesticidesHoneyQueen QualityTypeFeesGeographic Service AreaAccepts Beekeeper Submission?
USDA-ARS Bee Research LaboratorySam Abban (301) 504-8821 Bee Disease Diagnosis Bee Research Laboratory 10300 Baltimore Ave. BARC-East Bldg. 306 Room 316 Beltsville Agricultural Research Center – East Beltsville, MD 20705, adult beesnoUSAyes
Utah Department of Agriculture Insect LabOffice: 801-982-2313 Joey Caputo:, Jenna Crowder: UDAF Entomology Lab
4315 South 2700 West
TSOB South Bldg, Floor 2
PO Box 146500
Taylorsville, UT 84129, adult bees, swab$0 (UT registered beekeepers) - $40 (UT unregistered beekeepers or out of state)USAyes
North Carolina State UniversityDavid Tarpy, Erin McDermott,
Genetics Technician: Tarpy Lab

Entomology and Plant Pathology, NCSU
Campus Box 7613
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7613
336.577.6360 (mitochrondrial & morphometric testing)yesnonoyesbrood, adult bees$24-320USAyes
National Agricultural Genotyping CenterMegan O'Neil
Laboratory Manager
Office: 701-239-1449
National Agricultural Genotyping Center 1616 Albrecht Blvd N Fargo, ND 58102, adult bees$60-$300USAyes
Clemson UniversityBrad Cavin, Apiary Inspection Coordinator Office: 864-596-2993 x.113 Fax: 864-596-3602 email: (CC Brad Cavin when contacting lab)TBDyesnonoyes - mitochrondrialnonononobrood/swab/smear (AFB/EFB), adult bees (AHB)$40 (in state) - $50 (out of state)USAyes
Cornell Chemical Ecology Core FacilityScott McArt Cornell University - Department of Entomology
Chemical Ecology Core Facility
Comstock Hall - Room 4133
129 Garden Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14853 bees, pollen/bee bread, nectar/honey$90USAyes
USDA-AMS National Science Roger Simonds, Lab Chief. (704) 833-1525National Science Laboratories, Laboratory Approval and Testing Division Science & Technology Program 801 Summit Crossing Place, Suite B Gastonia, NC 28054 bees, pollen/bee bread, nectar/honey$450USAyes
University of Guelph Animal Health
Province Manitoba Veterinary Diagnostic Services (VDS)Email: vetlab@gov.mb.caVeterinary Diagnostic Services
545 University Crecent
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5S6
Phone: 204-945-8220 in Winnipeg, adult beesCanadayes
Grande Prairie Regional College - National Bee Diagnostic CentreOffice: BVE104
Phone: 780-357-7737
Fax: 780-354-8080
PO Box 1118
1 Research Road
Beaverlodge, Alberta
Canada T0H 0C0, adult beesCanadayes
*Contact lab to determine specific targets, fees and testing availability
**Target Descriptions: Bacteria = American Foulbrood (AFB)- Paenibacillus larvae, European Foulbrood (EFB) - Melissococcus plutonius; Mites = Varroa destructor, Acarapis woodi; Fungi and Microsporidia= Nosema ceranae, Nosema apis, Crithidia mellificae, Lotmaria passim; Africanized Honey Bee = Apis mellifera scutellata; Viruses = multiple; Pesticides = multiple; Honey = multiple; Queen Quality = fertilization, viable sperm, size, etc.
***Sample Information: Type = brood swab, adult bees, pollen/bee bread, nectar/honey; Fee = $USD

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PO Box 32

Sterling, ND 58572

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