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A rooftop apiary in Atlanta, highlighting the varied landscape in which honey bees are managed in the US.

Why Should You Participate?

May 24, 2024

The 2023-2024 US Beekeeping Survey is intended to carry on the tradition of the Bee Informed Partnership’s former National Loss and Management Survey. Between 2008 – 2023, BIP’s Survey results, among many other things:
  • Were used to track trends in colony losses and management practices.

The American Honey Producers’ Association cited BIP Survey colony loss results in its most recent Press Release  to demonstrate to the general public and policy makers the continual challenges beekeepers face every year to maintain healthy, productive colonies.

  • Were used by scientists to justify their work and to set research directions.

The most recent scientific article reporting BIP Survey colony loss results was published with open access (free to view) in the Journal of Apicultural Research in early 2024. The journal is an internationally recognized peer-reviewed scientific publication dedicated to honey bees. Of the more than 100 articles published in the past year, the BIP Survey publication is ranked #2 for most reads!

  • Were used by Extension programs to communicate effective beekeeping practices to beekeepers.

Data crunching by scientific articles, such as Haber et al. and Kulhanek et al., identified possible best beekeeping practices to reduce colony loss. Information like this has in turn been translated for extension and outreach programming by groups across the country, such as the Honey Bee Health Coalition's Varroa Management Guide and Decision Tool.

The US Beekeeping Survey will keep making an impact on the industry, and more broadly the public due to the importance of honey bees. Therefore, please contribute as a Citizen Scientist to this monitoring effort before midnight on May 31st. All US beekeepers aged 18 and over – from backyard hobbyists to those running multi-state commercial operations – are invited to participate. The survey takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

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